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It happened one night.

She was 23.Young and pretty. She had moved to Mumbai. It was from a small town to a large city , teeming with life, a lot like New York. She was enjoying her financial independence and her time, as a single girl. The irresponsible life and a string of good friends. She was finding herself, living and loving every moment of it.

He was 28. Professionally qualified .Chocolate boy looks and a great job. Ready to settle down. He had met tonnes of women who fawned over him. They were good girlfriend material—but not good wife material.(or so he believed)

Then he met her. Reluctantly. And it was only because his dad had insisted. His dad had been impressed by her family antecedents. Unknown to him, she was meeting him, simply because her mother had insisted too. It was easier to oblige her mom than incur her wrath.

Maybe it was the magic of the night. (The time was 9:45 pm when they met. The date was 17th March .The year--1995) Or maybe it was his charm that worked. Or perhaps her wit won him over. Or maybe he liked her laugh. (She was always laughing). Who knows. Strange are the ways of love. And life.

They talked and they talked. They laughed. It was almost as if they had known each other forever. She matched him, repartee for repartee. Joke for joke. They laughed some more and they talked some more.

Three days later, he asked her to marry him. She said yes. He couldn’t wait. They were married on 28th April 1995.Barely, within 40 days of knowing each other.

12 years later, they are still together. He still worships the ground she walks on. She still waits for him and hugs him at the end of the day. (Even if she is sometimes tired and grouchy). They have two lovely children too—a boy who is 9 now and a girl who will soon turn 6.

They just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. And so the story goes on.

All because, on that fateful day, two people threw caution to the winds and followed their hearts.

The above is not fiction. We just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on 28th April 2007. I’m so thankful and feel fortunate that I have such a wonderful life partner, my friend, mentor, philosopher and mood booster- Satish. I am really proud of him.We have come a long, long way.Together.


  1. happy anniversary to the both of you.
    Its a nice love story. You do know that you are still young.
    Oh, and believe your husband on that... most girlfriends are not wife material...

    missed quite a few posts..can't go through them all..
    but I did that sinful thing...

    this popped out.

    Greed: 40%

    Envy: 20%

    Gluttony: 20%

    Sloth: 20%

    Wrath: 20%

    Lust: 0%

    Pride: 0%

    Chance You'll Go to Hell: 17%

    You will die love and feared by many. And you'll be buried in a tomb.

    17%??? that's it? and pride has 0%?
    ah well..atleast the ending is good..loved and feared by many..I like that. catch you later

  2. hey happy anniversary!!!
    lovely pic...

  3. What wonderful and precious memories to two were really meant to be together!!May your love grow ever stronger and deeper, and may fortune and happiness shine upon you now and always!!

  4. In life one always looks back and feels something could have been different or better. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing. The one regret I do have, looking back, is not having met PS earlier - wish I could have cradle snatched her. A few years of wasted time. Guess we need to make up for the past, in the future. Its been a wonderful time together, a lot of support from her, a lot of caring, affection and a amillion things which I have learnt from her to become so much better as a person. I adore her and could not have asked for a better partner in life. With Brian Weiss's theory, guess we gonna meet much more even in future life PS, so get prepared to be my partner even in the next few lives :)

  5. happy anniversary!! i've always wondered how two people who can't co-exist for more than 2 minutes in a place without turning it into war-grounds like my parents spent all these years together and doubtlessly hope to spend the rest of it too.
    but you are right, strange are the ways of love and life. looks like arguments add thrill! i've never seen a more perfect couple like them who loved the other half (i somehow don't like the term "better half") more than themselves.

  6. Hey happy anniversary!!!
    Its all abt follwing the inner voice...

  7. Hershey :whatever happened to lust and pride?!! I guess you know what you are talking about when u say satish was right.I dont!

    Diya: Thank you!

    Niall: thanks my friend.

    Nithya:Like devil mood says,ultimatelt love is stronger than pride.

    Jeya:Thank you!!

    Satish : :) (blush blush)

  8. I don't have lust in my heart... I have sensuality. Ok it may mean the same thing at times, but sensuality sounds better.

    satish can be right there...i have been along that road remember, I know .

    Incidentally, this satish wouldn't be the same one who is commenting here would he?
    coz that is just weird.
    You two live together... commenting on each other's blog is like..sending each other emails to communicate. You are in the same house..why the need to write comments down when you can say them directly?

    crazy couple. :)

  9. hershey: Okay--you are sensual--not lusty :)

    Satish travels a lot.Often to different countries and so we are often in different time zones.And if he called me in the middle of the night to say what he felt about my post,I'd kill him when he got back. :) Love etc is ok--but i need my sleep :-) Dragons--remember?!

  10. That story is like the script from a film! How lovely that you both knew you were right for each other so quickly!

    Happy anniversary and here is to many more wonderful years ahead for you both.

  11. Bob_kat: Yes--it does sound like that.Real life imitates reel life imitates real life!! Thank you!

  12. Wow, what can I say?
    I'm speechless, truly!
    Congratulations and may there be many, many more happy years together :)

  13. Lovely love story, bless you guys :)

  14. A very happy anniversary..
    May this relationship goes on like this fore ever!!!

  15. Congratulations! That's a beautiflu love story you've made between you.

  16. Congrats! Here's wishing you many more wonderful years together.

  17. All of you: Thanks so much for the wishes.(touch wood!!)

  18. booo hoooo... I am touched and now you made me get touch my own emotional corner of my heart... Hope you guys had a good anniversary.

    And on a semi serious note, I am goin to be 28 soon, I shall start the girl hunting thingy soon ... sweet :-)

  19. You are BEAUTIFUL and what a beautiful picture and what a beautiful story!!!

    I will try to find pictures of my flows that match your matching colours (sort of an orange-red -- have many of that color starting to bloom now).

    If you have time, if you could go to the Saturday night soup about my mother and listen to the song number 3 -- by Ravi Shankar -- I do not know what she is singing about yet it moves me so deeply. Perhaps you could do a summarized translation. I have always wanted to know. It has emotionally struck me with an image of a hindu funeral fire releasing a spirit to the cosmos of a beloved one, which is a most beautiful thing to me. But I would like to know what she (and he) are actually singing of. Cheers.

  20. Bharathi12:04 PM

    Your piece could have been the perfect gift for him.Hope you write reams more !

  21. Happy Aniversary...

    Lovely story, it alomost meant like i was reading some novel bt its really great to know that it was ur true story...

  22. Happy anniversary. Lovely story. Reminds me of Scott and I. When we were in High School my best friend, maryellen, was going out with Scott's brother, mike. Maryellen and Mike weren't allowed to go out by themselves so they dragged scott and me along. This was back in 1981. Maryellen and Mike soon broke up but Scott and I are still together. That night neither one of us had wanted to go play chaperone but now we are very glad that we did.

  23. Life is beautiful... 2 ppl meet, talk, smile a bit...wham! God is hit by a brain wave...he plays cupid...and those two live happily ever after...
    My husband and I met in the most unusual of circumstances and got engaged within a month. Wedding followed a few months later... we just completed our first year...time flies...
    Congratulations to u and Satish...

  24. Sigh............I love how you write!!!!!!

    I am just happy that I will know you on your 24th anniversary.

  25. wow...dats soooo romantic...


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