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A Christmas eve post.

Hi there,

 I watched this movie today, along with my daughter on Netflix. I fell in love with it! The animation is fantastic. Kurt Russel SHINES as Santa. The brother and sister duo are heartwarming. The direction is superb, the action scenes have you holding your breath and you find yourself rooting for Santa.

While the story itself is not 'unexpected', what is refreshing is the treatment. It tugged at my heartstrings, brought a lump to my throat, and I watched with bated breath as I found myself INSIDE the sleigh, along with the kids in the movie and Santa.

I think that is what a good movie or a good book does.  It takes you INSIDE the world of it's creators.
If you have Netflix, do catch this movie. I highly recommend it.


Even though I am not a Christian, I do celebrate Christmas. I know many of my Christian brothers and sisters would be going to Mass. God Bles

That's all for now! I am happy that my blog marathon is still going strong on Day 24. Thank you for reading and I shall be back with a new post tomorrow. Tell me your all time favourite movies in the comment box. I am always looking for new movie recommendations. Tell me what you liked about the movie too.



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