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Three powerful things every aspiring writer must do.

On Saturday, I got a message from my publisher.
'Check the Hindustan Times today; We're at No.5 and No.8,' he said.

I checked immediately, and my heart leapt up in joy.  TWO of my books were indeed among the highest selling fiction books in the country. My publisher also sent me this nice creative!

 I felt very happy, because it's not easy for a book to climb into the charts MONTHS after it's release. In the case of Life is What You Make It, it is TEN YEARS since  I wrote that book. Having the books there was validation that people find comfort and joy in my writing.

I have grown as a writer, with every book I have written. I do work very hard at my craft. I am constantly trying to write better. I write every single day---although everything is not for publication. I have a desk full of notebooks and diaries which I have filled over the years. I have my gratitude journal, my daily journal, my story ideas, my blog posts, my emails, my one minute writing exercises. my short stories, my musings and  a collection of anything else that  strikes my fancy. I always feel I have a long way to go, in my writing. I am still a student and I am constantly learning, improving, trying harder.

I often get asked, what is your advice to aspiring writers?   Here are three MUST-HAVES.

1. Write every single day   If you are an aspiring writer, the one thing I can tell you is, it is so important to write every single day. No matter what, you have to commit to your writing and stick to it. There is nothing called 'waiting for the muse to show up' or that 'I don't have the mood to write.' You create the mood, and you create the muse. What can you write about?

You can write about anything. You can make it witty, funny, romantic, adventurous, exciting, dull, dramatic, monotonous, vibrant or plain. You are the creator of your story. It's your tale--tell it, like only you can.

2. Read, read, read : It's very important for an aspiring writer to read a lot. When you read, you are exploring many worlds. You are broadening your outlook.  You are learning new things. Sometimes people tell me that they would love to read more, but they don't have time. I had written a piece: 5 easy ways to read more and transform your life.  
I hope that helps you read more.

I have read 17 books so far, this year; And I am on my 18th, which I will complete soon.

My current read which I am LOVING


 My last read  which I totally loved:

I would have read more than 17 books! But then I was writing my own novel, and it will be out in the first week of September this year. I plan to read at least 35 books this year.

3.  Think, muse, imagine: A large part of my work involves thinking and imagining. When my children were little, every night, I would read them a bedtime story. After I finished, they would tell me 'Mom, you now have to tell us your own story.' I would ask them who they wanted the story to be about.  They would come up with their own characters. Sometimes, they would be characters who are animals, and sometimes their characters would be humans. They would tell me the names of the characters, and I would make up interesting stories about them, as I spoke. The story would go in all directions. My children loved it. Many a time they would join in.
In order to be a writer, you have to imagine the world of your protagonists, live in that world, make that world your own. You have to explore with your protagonists, find out things with them, laugh with them, cry with them and live with them. In order to be able to do this, you have to imagine.

Many a time, when I am lying with my eyes closed on my bed,pretending to sleep, I am actually working! 

I hope these  tips help you , if you are an aspiring writer. I also teach 'Fundamentals of Creative Writing' on skillshare as well as Udemy. You can go HERE and click on the first two links to be taken to the course. They are video based lessons which you can do at your convenience.

Good luck with your writing!

And many many thanks for reading my books! It is because of you, that my books continue to top the charts.

buy Love a Little Stronger (all true stories from my life):

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  1. finally the post came....
    after long time of days....
    Happy to see

    1. Thank you Vinod. Will try and blog a bit more regularly now. I was buried in the edits of my next novel!

  2. Finally after so many months another post by you..had been missing your posts mam..thanks for the informative post and looking forward for your next book..

  3. Hi very helpful blog
    Do you write a book in laptop or notebook?

    1. Hi Nikita. Thanks and glad you find it helpful. If it's a noveI that i am working on, I first write the 'seed' or outlines in my notebook. Then I develop it further, but when I begin to write, it's always on a laptop. For stories, I mostly write directly on the laptop.

  4. Very useful blog ... Thank you .. Mam kindly post your current reading ....

    1. Thank you so much Soumya. I already posted my current read in the post above. It is 'A Knight of Seven Kingdoms' by George RR Martin.
      Is it visible to you? (or is there a glitch and is it only me who can see it? It's visible on my post, for me).

  5. Mam it is visible , I would request you to post your current reading list regularly in your blog ..

    Thank you for replying ...

  6. Really, I loved this article from the bottom of my heart. I used to write poems, short stories and two liners and I do write now as well. I prefer the language— Hindi. There is no problem with thinking, musing and imagining but I face the biggest problem ‘Mood Swinging’. Can you please tell me, “What should I do to keep myself away from this biggest problem?” As an amateur, I am requesting you to give some tips about it, dear author. I would have been eagerly waiting for your suggestions.

  7. Hai ma'am. I'm a keralite. In life is what you make it, and it happens for a reason you specifed kerala.What makes you like our state ?

  8. Congrats. May you get more and more accolades which no doubt you deserve.


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