Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why oh why?!

While reading the newspaper (Times of India)  yesterday, the following headline caught my eye:

Army man held in Kochi for impersonation

I read it with interest as I have spent a part of my life at Kochi  and  mysecond book 'Life is what you make it' is partly set in Kochi, and Kochi is also mentioned in my fourth book 'The secret wish list.

After I read the piece I was quite surprised.

This is what the brief news-story says:

Kochi: The city police on Tuesday arrested an Army man after he allegedly married a woman impersonating another person by creating a fake identity proof.Police said the arrested identified as Rajeev (48) of Chengannur was already married and had two children.He faked his identity by keeping his first marriage a secret.
Police said the accused was working at the digital mapping unit of the Indian Army in Bangalore.
The accused will be sent to judicial custody after producing him before the court on Wednesday.
Police said the accused,who responded to a matrimonial advertisement in a newspaper,introduced himself as Sreekumar,an Army officer staying alone in Bangalore,to the family members of the woman.He met the victim,who came on leave from Riyadh,and fixed the marriage with her family members.On May 26,the marriage was held at a temple.Though the victims family had organized a reception at a city auditorium,he refused to attend it and instead wanted her to accompany him to a hotel where he was staying.
One of the relatives of the girl, questioned this guy and he gave inconsistent answers. The relative grew suspicious when he probed further and then finally they alerted the cops, who caught him in no time.
It is obvious that the guy wasn't really in love with the girl he married.  Or was he?

Why would a married man (that too a father of two children) go to such great lengths as to impersonate another man, respond to a matrimonial ad and get married a second time? If he was in it, just for sex, he could have easily got it elsewhere!  Was he after her money? (The report doesn't say whether the girl is wealthy). If he was after her money, wouldn't he have attended the wedding reception, kept on the charade on for a few months more, won her trust completely and then vanished with the money?

I found the story fascinating.

What is your take on this? Why did he do it?
Any theories?

Would love to know what you think!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I have been upto.

Hello people,

It is definitely nice to be missed. And of course, it feels good to know that I was.

Thank you to the kind folks who wrote to me reminding me that my blog was not updated for fourteen whole days, and one clever reader went to my FB page and checked my  twitter ,(I have been active on both, even though I haven' blogged)  and read my posts there and sent me a mail, guessing that the reason for my silence is because I have sent my new manuscript to the publishers :)

No--I haven't. (yet).  But I have indeed been working on my 5th book, and working very hard (oh, you have no idea! I work till I fall asleep in front of the laptop) and it is nearly done. But it it will be a while yet, ( a few months) before it is out. It is a lot of work you know, as explained in this post and the real work starts only when the first draft is done.

But I have been upto other things too.

Like using my new phone camera to capture striking images. Like this one.

Isn't this a great picture? (Even if I may say so myself)

Like spending time with my mother who is visiting, as mentioned in this post.

Like celebrating my daughter's 12th birthday.

(yes I clicked this picture too and that was her b'day cake --full of roses.)

Like playing with my dog. (yeah, she is a BIG dog)

Like catching up with good friends.

(In the picture with me is  Sachin Garg  who was in Bangalore recently)

Like reading a lot. (I had to tear myself away from a book to write this post. My reading list tends to be wide and varied)

The only thing I seemed to have missed is catching up on sleep.

And updating this blog.

I plan to make amends. (and yes, leaving a comment on my posts just might goad me into posting more often. :) I do like hearing from you, rather than this being a rambling  one-sided monologue :))

Until the next post,
Love and laughter


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Monday, May 13, 2013

Make every moment of your life count.

How many times do we presume things?

I do. Many a time.

And I think we're all guilty of the same at some point or the other. We form our perceptions, our world views, based on past experiences. The cat having sat on a hot stove will never again sit on a hot one or a cold one either. I think to a large extent we're all like that cat.

We are prisoners of prejudices, of hatred, of grudges, of unrequited love, of unreciprocated affections, of expectations, of disappointments, of let-downs, of promises unfulfilled, of phone-calls not returned, of rejections, of anger, of jealousy, of pettiness that shouldn't have mattered at all in the first place, but which rankles like chains, imprisoning us in our own thoughts.

How can we break free?

The hard way is to squish the ego. Eat humble pie. Knock down the 'I' into 'i.'

The easy way is to remember that everything is transient.

Death is a great leveller. (Quote from The Secret Wish list)

So let go.
If you love someone , express it. (so what if you get rejected, at least you would have tried).
If you miss someone call them up. NOW (They may not be around tomorrow when you want to talk).
If you feel jealous of someone, work harder at what you are doing.
If you feel someone hasn't reciprocated your calls, your friendship, whatever you offered, say 'so be it'. They have made space for someone better to come into your life.
If you feel you lack the time to do a favour which someone has asked, say no. Don't be afraid of offending the person who asked.  Your time is precious and limited.
If you feel you have been wronged, express it firmly but kindly. Whether or not the other party sees sense, you will respect yourself  to have stood up for what you believe in.

Laugh a lot.

And if you have one friend who cheers you up, who stands by you, who is there for you when everything seems to be going wrong, hold on to them firmly and never let them go. Make every effort to keep that friendship going.

And yes, admire the flowers.
Drink a lot of water.
Click happy pictures. (lots)
Make memories.
Breathe deeply.

LIVE...and make every moment count.


photo credit: eliot. via photopin cc

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A nice evening and an addiction I can't kick

There was this event at Atta Galata Bangalore, where I was invited by as the chief guest , by Fablery to launch a book of short stories called 'Ten Shades of life'. The book is a compilation of stories by ten different authors. Each month, fablery had hosted a contest for short stories, with a certain theme and the work of one winner  from each month was chosen to be published. Therefore the book is a eclectic collection of varied genres ranging from romance to sci-fiction to horror to action and adventure.

 I wore a saree for the event.
Was amused at the comments I got on FB.

I do love wearing sarees. It's just that sometimes there really is no occasion to wear them. Also wearing a saree in the house, when you have a large extra-active doberman who follows you around like a shadow isn't really the best of ideas for reasons obvious :)

I was amazed that Nitu (who has commented on this blog many times , who adores me and has read all my books! ) turned up at the event just to meet me. She brought along her mother as well. She was visiting Bangalore from Kolkata and she said she wouldn't miss an opportunity to see me.

So sweet of you Nitu!

It was also great to meet Dr.Roshan who was one of the winners.  He had come just for this launch all the way from Palghat, Kerala. He had also come for the launch of my first book, way back in 2008 and he had predicted (rightly) that I would write many more books. Of course, I had no clue then that I would be among one of India's best-selling authors. 

It was indeed a big reminder of a LONG LONG way that I have come. Roshan has blogged about the launch here.
 If you want to see more pictures, click here.

Roshan  and I were talking about how we had both started blogging around the same time--at that time bloggers were considered an aberration--weird people who did some weird stuff like sharing their life's moments online. Blogging had really not caught on back then. But today it is the 'in-thing' and blogging is cool.

How things change!

And yet how some things remain the same.
I started with this blog--and I continue to write here, and connect with all of you, who continue to read what I write.

For me, this is an addiction for life.
Whoever comes into my life, whoever goes, my blog and I, we're in this together--till death do us part :)

And you are welcome to join in and enjoy the ride :)
As always I am grateful for those who read me and doubly for the ones who leave me such lovely comments.

Adios--Till the next post.

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Thursday, May 02, 2013


Can you tell I am happy?
Can you?
Can you? :)
(yeah, my mom's visiting me :) )

“My mother... she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.”
                                  ―Jodi Picoult.

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