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Five P's for Success

Some time back I had written a post --5 powerful tips to achieve your goals
This was very well received and became very popular.

This is a part-2 to that post.

I have this little black board in my kitchen. I write on it, messages for my family and sometimes, whatever happens to be on my mind at that time. My children too use it to express themselves. We write quirky stuff, amusing stuff, and at times just messages of love and gratitude. I love this little black-board (the one you see in the picture above).

The other day, I was just thinking, what are the core qualities that one needs for success--be it success in anything--personal goals, professional goals or even just achieving what you have set your heart out to achieve---something you badly want?

The 5 p's scribbled on the board is what I came up with. I was thinking mainly from a writer's perspective but later felt these could be applied to anything--hence sharing them here.


No matter what you do, instant gratification is something which is rare. Results take time. It can be very frustrating to wait, once you have done all that you can do. But most of the time patience pays.
Believe that whatever has to come to you, will come to you at the right time. If it doesn't perhaps something better was meant to be.


Sometimes, persisting in something can give rich dividends. However there is a fine line between knowing when to persist and when to turn away. Many a time, if I wanted something badly I have persisted endlessly. Most of the times I have been lucky to get it. But there are times when I have failed too. When that has happened, I have cut my losses, put it behind me and moved on.

Pushing yourself 

On the first glance, you might not perceive a difference between persistence and pushing yourself.  Persistence is doggedly chasing something where the final outcome is not in your hands. Example, before I became a published author, I used to persistently take part in a writing prompt on something called Writers Island, week after week.
After I became a published  author, I push myself to keep a track of my word count, I push myself to sit at the key board and churn out those words. I might decide to junk it the next day--but write I must, push myself I must.


Make a promise to yourself and keep it up, no matter what. Promise can be about anything--maybe a toxic relationship that is pulling you down? Maybe that you will walk away from everything that makes you unhappy. Maybe a promise that you will try to see the best in everything . Maybe a promise that you will be kinder to yourself. Most of us are so harsh on ourselves. I found  this visual which I have pinned on my pinterest, which resonated with me.


So make that promise  to yourself today!


Most of us are taught from a young age to not acknowledge our own achievements. We are told  'Don't boast', ' You should not praise yourself, others should.'
This is somehow deeply ingrained in us and soemtimes, we fail to give ourselves credit. if anyone praises us, we feel extremely uncomfortable and say "oh I was just lucky."

But I do believe you need a certain amount of pride to succeed.
You should be proud of how far you have come from where you were. You should have pride in your work.
You should allow yourself to feel good about YOU. Be proud! Celebrate you! :)

May all success be yours!
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  1. Nice one Preeti :)..... nice thoughts...

  2. Thanks a lot for the post Preeti. I have read all your books so far except the new one and will read it soon. i have to say most of your books and the characters stay in my mind for so long and bring tears. I don't mind admitting it being a male:)

  3. Great! I appreciated every single line. But trust me, the lines I loved the most were the lines you spoke about pride. Yeah! They were just so awesome :)

  4. 'P'owerful 'P'ost 'P'reeti! Thanks for sharing...:)

  5. Nice one Preeti..........I would definitely make sure to have a small black board where my family can put down what they feel........I really really loved the idea :)

  6. great tip mam... thank u !!!
    I especially loved da last P... dat was a great tip, from today i'll appreciate all my efforts :D

  7. I am so so happy to see this post.... It really lightened up my day :) Thanks Preethi...... most of your posts are very encouraging , which is what people like me exactly need :D I loved the last one , Pride. Its so so true that we seldom give the credit to ourselves.

  8. Yes, we would like more posts like these.. These so resonate. Please do continue posting more topics like these Preety :)

  9. That was really moivating....And to be honest I was sad before reading but not now :)You really up lifted my spirit :)

  10. u know what, i responded "ofcourse, how can u doubt it!" in my mind when i read ur question if we liked this post:P (i ve been a silent reader most of the time, though i ve commented on ur posts earlier too) this post is fantastic n i had to comment:)it brings out things we already we know that we gotta follow, yet put them in the backseat, like taking pride, persisting!! thanks for reminding :) it really will make a big difference if we incorporate these in our lives...

  11. a nice and motivating post! :)

  12. Ahem....somewhere between the lines, though you might not have said, I heard, 'come on guys and gals, keep submitting your links though you might not win the wishing wednesdays'. I was going to bunk this time since I don't really wish people to love something...but you've changed my mind. :)

  13. It was a truly inspiring post dear... Loved it!

  14. Good one!
    I have written them on a piece of a paper stick them at my workplace.
    From last few days I have realized that its really very important to keep yourself happy before others. All credit goes to your writing.
    Thanks and keep writing.

  15. Good to read something well written and sincere. It shows in your writing. Happy New Year !

  16. Loved the pride part...

  17. Celebrate yourself....wonderful... :)

  18. Hi Preeti,loved the idea of blackboard & 5 'P's too. got to read it just when I needed it the most. Thanks n all the best for your new book.
    Tejaswini S

  19. LOVED the post Preeti!!!

    And that pride part of it I have to honestly say you have taught me...I've always been depreciating abt 'me'. Your blog that way had been an eye-opener. Thank U!!!!
    I haven't mastered it yet but I'm getting there:-))

  20. Though one cannot hold pride, one should not underestimate oneself.

  21. I am reading this post a tad late so I hope you'll read my comment - There are times when I copy paste and keep your posts in my personal folder so I can read them again and again and get inspired and motivated.
    Thank you for writing such posts and hugs to you !

  22. thankx u very much mam....for inspiring me......

  23. thank you mam ...foe these inspiring pS


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