Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have you taken stock lately?

Having got back from an amazing holiday, where I had a lot of time to lie in a hammock, gaze at the blue blue sky punctuated with the deep green coconut trees, accompanied by the gentle lap-lapping sounds of the waves of the beautiful backwaters, as they kissed the rocky embankment, I  discovered the luxury of time, as well as a  lot of answers to questions I always pondered about.

The hammock that brought introspection

I thought about all the people who were in my life who arent there anymore.
I thought about all the people who I thought would remain, but who left.
I thought about the ones I thought who had left for good but came back, with connections stronger than ever.
I thought about the ones I presumed were insignificant but who ended up playing a major role.
I thought about the ones who shaped me, ones who made me laugh, the ones I considered my very own and finally the ones who betrayed, sometimes the last two being the one and the same.

I am certain there are people like that in your life as well.

 I do think it is very important to pause once in a way and take stock.
We are after all the average  of five people we most spend our time with.
(read the article which is hyper-linked. It is worth your time)

Like it or not, people around us do shape us.
Make us what we are and they also have the potential to take us to where we want to go.

But the good thing is:

We get to choose these people.
(Not our parents of course, but the ones we hang out most with.)

We get to filter what inputs that ANYONE gives us.
We get to hear a lot, but we can choose to listen to what we want.

We can choose out filter settings too--to high, low, medium or zero.

Lying on that hammock, I decided my filters.
I decided the people that I want in my life and to what extent I would let them affect me.
I decided what really mattered.
And what really counted.

 I decided to listen to my heart.
Mostly, I  decided to LIVE.

Life is indeed too short to not do the things you badly want to do.

I could lie here forever with a good book for company

Have you  done it lately?

You don't need a hammock really.
You just need some time by yourself--alone with your thoughts.

Take stock.
Trust me, it is worth it.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A photo shoot on a Sunday morning

 'Tea for two and a piece of cake' has been doing really well. (Touch wood please, I am superstitious that way.).
It is going  into  third impression soon and my publishers (Random House India who are really sweet to me) wanted a nice  high resolution colour picture of me.

So Sunday morning was spent in a photo-shoot, the photographers being my husband and two kids (aged 14 and 11).

My daughter of course, doubled up as the fashion director as well. My doggie was an eager participant. She insisted in posing in every picture :)  Fortunately for me, she isn't as tall as me when she stands on all fours. :) (but she is indeed tall enough to put her two front paws on my shoulders and give me a real hug. And she does that often. Not kidding. She is a very large dog)

By the end of it, I was so bored. I have no idea how these fashion models do it day after day. You do need tremendous patience to pose for pictures. I was irritated, frustrated and hated changing so many times. But I had to hide all of that and smile sweetly for the camera.

Here are the pictures they clicked. One of these will go into the new book cover.

 Tried to pose like a typical author here :)

 I love the beanbags in my home.

 This is one of the few pictures where I am not smiling sweetly. I like this one. A good friend said he loved the 'intense look'. He said it makes you want to know what is behind that serious expression.

I wasn't kidding when I said that my Doggie wanted to be a part of every snap :) In her last birth I am certain she was a fashion model  and a splendid one at that!

And the two I really liked are:

This one inside the house--I am wearing one of my favourite shirts.

And finally  this one in the sun:

Nice? Did you like the pictures?

If so, indulge the narcissism a bit, will you? :)
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Monday, July 23, 2012

How much do you love me?

I tell my children and I tell them often how much I love them. I think it is important to say the words. I also crush them with my hugs and smother them with my kisses and they do the same to me.
I love it. It is bliss. On some days, it is truly all that keeps me going.

When my son was very little, (probably when he was three or four)  he would ask me 'Mummy how much do you love me?'
I would say 'As much as the sky, that never ends'.
He would then gaze at the sky and give me a large grin and a larger hug.

As he kept growing, he would keep asking me this.

I would tell him that I loved him as much as the water in the ocean, as much as the milky way galaxy, as much as the  entire Universe and so on. My answers would change each time.  I would modify my answers to suit his understanding  of the world around him, according to his age.

Oh, the joy it brought!

Now my son is fourteen and is already taller than me, and he in jest, he calls me his 'baby 'and says he will take care of me. :)

Yesterday, when I was in the kitchen chopping vegetables, he came up behind me and gave me a hug and asked ' Mummy, how much do you love me?'

'As much as the number of grains of sand in this whole world multiplied by the number of grains of sand,' I answered.

When they are fourteen, you have to work that much harder to impress them and appear cool in their eyes.

'Awww mummy', he said and his hug got tighter.

'How much do you love me?' I asked.

'As much as the number of atoms in all the substances in this world, raised to the power of total number of atoms existing in this world,' he replied.

Yeah, I know. :)
That's what I felt too.

And I just had to preserve this memory by blogging about it.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why SMS lingo irks me

Ppl hu cnt b bthred 2 type prply do nt dsrve 2 be rd..

It took me at least five whole minutes to type in the above lingo. I detest it. Period.

The common arguement given for the usage of such deplorable language (sorry, it cannot be anything else) is that

1. The 'Older Generation' usually has a problem with it. But younger generation is okay.
2.It saves time 
3.It saves money.
4.It is how everyone types and who types whole words anyways.
5.It is no big deal. What is the harm if you use it? Why fuss over such a thing?

Allow me to elaborate on why the above are  invalid statements.

 It is not because of age that people have a problem with butchering words. It is because you care about the language. I know many twenty year olds and many teens as well, who think it is just 'not cool' to use wrong spellings. (Thank God for such people.)

 I cannot for the life of me, imagine, using 'thout' for 'thought' or 'thinkin' for 'Thinking'.Are you going to save tonnes of money by typing that extra letter? At the most your message would run into three texts instead of two.

To me it is irritating because misspelled  words  jar on my eyes.
 Also, the more you use it and the more you see it being used or the more you read it, the  greater are the chances of it becoming an unconscious habit. There have been so many reports in the media  not only in India, but also abroad, about how SMS lingo is creeping into answer sheets too. Students use 'btwn' instead of writing 'between' and many more such words are being distorted, maimed.

Welsh Journalist John Humphrys asserts that 'sms lingo' or 'textese' is essentially lazy  and sloppy behaviour. It simply results in eventual ignorance of proper grammar and punctuation. In other words, it just makes you stupid.

I tend to agree strongly.

If I am sparing time to text a person,  then the person is important for me. If the person is important enough, I think that person deserves a proper message. A message typed hurriedly in textese just doesn't cut it for me. And now with the auto complete option in all phones as well as the built in spell-check, there is really no excuse too.

And it is not just texts. I am also talking about such lingo being used  on Instant messengers on smart phones, on the social media, on chats, on e-mails. In short in every online media of communication.

When I get messages or mails or Facebook comments typed in SMS lingo or textese I cringe. To me it spoils the pleasure of reading.
95% of the time I do not read them and just delete them.

Yes I am that finicky.

I do spend at least 16 hours of my day with words. I live with them, I breathe them, I string them together and create complete new worlds with them.

So  the least you can do, as a favour to me is, give me whole words and proper words. Please.

I would consider half eaten, butchered words an insult.

N ys, if U wanna  txt ur frnds usg sms lingo i dnt mind at al jus lv me out of it. ;-)

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Some people have all the luck

'But it is so easy for you. You are so talented and good at everything. Not all of us are as talented as you. So unfair,' she said.

We were having a conversation about loving what you do and doing what you love and whether it is indeed possible to follow your passion and make a  decent living out of it.

I wanted to tell her that most people saw only the sheen, not the grit, nor the passing through the cogs a million times, bearing the pain as you discovered you were much stronger than you thought and that you did not crumble after all.

I wanted to tell her about the thousands and thousands of pages I have written before I was considered worthy of publication. I wanted to tell her about the  back-breaking hours of  meticulous research I have done, sometimes to write just a single para, so that the facts I am stating are accurate.

I wanted to tell her about how I travelled in so many Indian cities, in the unrelenting heat, going to far flung colleges that offered art courses, looking for someone who would teach me portraiture specifically, but how I returned back each time disappointed.

I wanted to tell her  in the UK, when I finally found the portraiture course that I wanted to do, how I walked through four inches of snow, in freezing sub-zero temperatures for 35 minutes to reach my class and how I was the only student in the course who had the rare distinction of not missing a single class.

I wanted to tell her about the time I cried and cried when I lost my dad, and the people I considered 'friends' turned away and how strangers who I met online turned out to be my biggest support systems (and later good friends).
 I wanted to tell her that the best way I discovered to overcome my grief was to immerse myself in work and more work.

I wanted to tell her about all the opportunities I had grabbed even the seemingly useless ones, because I was so afraid that if I did not, the void that was inside me would engulf me.

I wanted to tell her that I wrote  and I painted as I had finally found my calling.
I wanted to finally tell her that  'I really think it is not about talent, it is about hard work. But most people do not seem to see that.'

But I do not think she wanted to hear.

So  I smiled and said  "Yeah, you're right you know. Some people have all the luck. It is so unfair."

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All in a day's work.

So here I am again. (see I am keeping up my promise of coming here often!) I did finish my self-assigned target of writing (for my fourth book) and hurried here to keep my date.

Someone asked me on Facebook whether I sleep :) Made me smile. Then I thought about all that I did today and realised it was blog-worthy :).

 So here is what I did today:

Woke up: 5:45 am (without an alarm. My body just had enough sleep) and let my dog into the garden. Made black coffee.

Made Idlis and Red chutney for lunch, Toast and fried eggs for breakfast.

While the above was cooking on the stove, I did my yoga. I did 30 suryanamskars consecuitvely. Yes, 30! :) Then did a few more Asanas. Then did a few crunches on TRX. (Google it if you do not know about it).

Made this card while the kids were getting ready.

The card was for Nikita's mom. Nikita is my daughter's 'bestest'
 friend and Nikita's mom had bought three of my books and sent it through Nikita who gave it to my daughter for me to sign as she wanted signed copies. I sent her this card  as a thank you. (It is a small card. It looks big in the photo)

Then I sent the children to school and Husband left for work.

Skype chatted with a good friend in the U.S for about 40 minutes.

After the chat, I got down to checking the messages on facebook and also wrote this post about the 'Busy Elf'.

Then I worked on my fourth book and wrote about 2400 words. (Yay!). Felt happy with the progress and some of the rather marvellous sentences I churned out. (even if I may say so myself). Immediately mailed the completed chapters to satish. Shared the 'marvellous' sentences with a good friend who praised it.

Tweeted a lot.

Had lunch (the same idlis and red chutney that I made in the morning. I don't bother to cook just for myself and I eat the same lunch that I make for kids and husband. Saves me so much time)

Had a nice long relaxing time in the Jacuzzi. Treated myself since I completed my writing goal.

Then had a lovely conversation with Ravi Subramaniam. (The author of 'If God was a banker'  and three other books)

The kids came home at 3.30. Made them some Iced tea and delicious mayo-carrot-onion sandwiches.

Took the dog for an hour long walk.

Laughed heartily like a mad woman as my doggie ( a very large ferocious looking terrifying Doberman) scared the living daylights out of a driver who had no clue she was there. ( I can't possibly shout saying 'dog alert--beware' can I?!). He screamed like a little child! Poor guy. (I couldn't help laughing though)

Walked around in my garden admiring the yellow hibiscus and clicked a picture and  tweeted about it.

Completed reading three newspapers.
Completed reading 'The Graveyard book' by Neil Gaiman (felt super-motivated. Neil Gaiman is my new God.).
Started reading 'One Moment one Morning' by Sarah Rainer.

Did research for the next chapter I am working on in my book. While I was researching I applied a face-pack. Thought of scaring the courier guy while I had the mask on but refrained.

Made these quilled ear-rings. I am trying making quilled ear-rings for the first time.

I made these for a friend whose birthday it is next week.I had no idea until today how to make them. I just tried and it worked. I was so pleased I sent the picture immediately to Satish and three other good friends. (One male and other two women. The women immediately responded and oooohed and aaahed and fed my ego, making me feel great. No reaction at all from the guy friend :) )

Sat and taught Hindi to my dauhter for an hour and a half as she has a Hindi test tomorrow. I can tell you in 'शुद्ध  हिन्दी ' the defintions of भाषा , व्याकरण and लिपि  :)
I can also tell you a hoard of समानार्थक  शब्द  :)

My daughter gave a very nice back-massage as a thank you for teaching her Hindi so well :) (The tiny perks of being a mother)

Had brief exchanges with fellow authors Madhuri Banerjee and Kiran Manral and Durjoy Datta.

I posted a whole lot of interesting stuff on my Twitter including how to calculate your sleep cycle in order to wake up refreshed.

Replied to posts on my Facebook page.
Had dinner with my family.

And finally as a pat on my back, I treated myself to a large glass of some really good Australian Red wine :) (what the heck, I earned it!)

And I told my family today that I wish the scietists invent some pill, where if you take it, you get an equivalent rest of eight hours sleep.  I would be the first to take it!

And so there it was--a typical day in my life. I do try to squeeze the maximum out of life, don't I? Down to the last bit? :)

I don't do it deliberately. Really.
I do  it as I know no other way.

What to do--I am like this vonly :) :)

Addendum: After reading some of the comments I am hastening to add, that ALL my days are not like this! I am no super woman! There are days when I do nothing ( well I read and sleep) whole day :) But the one I blogged about--it was one of those super-productive days--that's all!


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More stuff from The Busy Elf

A big thank you to all the lovely people who ordered stuff from 'The Busy Elf' after reading my post. 

If you haven't read my post, and don't know about 'The Busy Elf' or Keshrie please do read it before you proceed!

Keshrie was really elated when the orders started pouring in and she made a good sum in the first month.

The online store which I set up for her, doesn't seem to be working out and so we are now taking orders directly. For any orders please mail me on ps(at)preetishenoy(dot)com. The entire amount will be paid to Keshrie as soon as it is transferred by you.

You can view all her products (and the prices) on her Facebook page (which I set up for her) here:


Meanwhile Keshrie has been busy making some more stuff in between working in two houses.

Here are more of her beautiful creations:

Rs.200/- for this fabulous crocheted outfit for that little girl's doll

If you have a special girl in your life who loves her doll she will love this doll's outfit. Rs.200/-

Rs.200/- for this  crocheted dolls outfit.

 Rs.100/- each for the hairbands. The colours can be customised.
Shipping will be extra for all orders. (add Rs.100/- for shipping)

Aren't her creations really lovely?
These make great gifting options too.

Mail me [ps (at)preetishenoy(dot) com ] to place your orders.

And please note I do not take a single paisa out of  all this! I am doing it (depsite being hard pressed for time) as I want to encourage her and help such a talented person and she would never be able to sell stuff online.

Now I am getting back to my writing. (Stole some time to post this as I had promised her I would.)

See you as soon as I hit my word target for the day!
Cheerio, Toodles and Buh-bye for now :)
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Monday, July 09, 2012



A Guest Post by Prem

 And it lays dying before you.
 That which you nurtured and cherished.  
 That which you fed from blood of your bosom.

Like a stillborn child.
Only this one, you never buried.

Like a wound that has gone to fester.
Only to be missed if it ever were to heal.

Like a millstone that has been carried for so long,
That the very thought of lightness becomes terrifying.

Like poisoned water to a parched throat.
Like spiritual sermon to an irredeemable soul.

In pain and in succor. In disease and in health.
Like a shadow that never leaves you. Not even to shield from the light.

Like a little jar of darkness. Harnessed firmly to your soul.
Whose fanning black fumes, engulf all that ever was dear.

When you crave to feel something, anything.
Excruciating as it may be.

When feeling becomes the only sign of life still left,
You bleed just to know you are alive.

 © 2012 Prem

For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Love in an envelope.

This is how I would define a card-- 'An envelope full of  warmth, tenderness and happiness filled with all the love that you have but do not know how to say'. There is truly nothing that matches the feeling of pure joy which you experience when you get an unexpected card in the mail--I can vouch for that personally. (Just thinking about it and writing it here is making me smile).

Therefore, it is no wonder that in United Kingdom alone one billion pounds are spent on greeting cards every year.

When I was younger, I would keep hunting for that 'perfect' card to gift to my friends. I would haunt the Archies and Hallmark stores  and would spend hours going through the cards. I found almost all of them hopelessly inadequate. Nothing was good enough really. (with due apologies to the companies which make these cards). That was when I started making my own cards.

They were much appreciated and cherished. My parameter those days was "Did it look like a 'printed' card? :) I used to painstakingly paint Garfield (one of my favourite cartoon characters) by hand and most people thought it was a store bought card till I told them. Another favorite character was Snoopy. Gradually I moved away and started making my own toons. (Some of them were published in my college magazines later).

 During Diwali, my parents started requesting me to make ethnic cards for their friends. I was so pleased they considered my cards 'good enough' to send out in the mail. (I was about 12 years old then). Most people who received them  too got deceived thinking it was a store bought card. My joy knew no bounds. Ever since then, I have made cards for all the special people in my life. For me the 'highest gift' I can give a person is gifting them something I spend my time on, something I make by hand.

Recently, in between writing my books, I took up paper quilling. The pictures I posted of my cards on facebook, were widely appreciated and many wrote to me asking if they could buy them. And thus was born my alternate (or should I say additional) career option--- "Card-maker" :)

 Like I have said before, what I earn from my writing is a thousand times more than what I make from my cards. I make cards because I like to be a part of people's happiness! Not to earn money! My cards aren't inexpensive either. (They start at Rs.400/- for quilled names)  The amount of effort that goes into each card is humongous. Careful attention to each detail. And I feel elated when people appreciate that.

See this mail I got from Divya (shared with her permission) who had ordered a card for her husband:

I just received the card....ITS BEAUTIFUL
Thank you..thank you sooooooooooooooooo much.
The card deserves thousands and thousands more than what I have paid for it.

 need to wait four more days to hand over the card (9th july)...all excited to see his reaction too.
Iam very grateful to you Preeti..making such a beautiful card...
Wish you lot of success n happiness...

The cards look so elegant and beautiful...and the reciever would be defiinitly delighted...now wonder you are flooded with requests now."
  This was the card I made for Divya:

 I  used a blue metallic shiny strip for the name. I also used subtle, rare pastel colours  for the card as well as white lace.The leaves under the red flowers on the right have a lot of detailing.There are tiny little hearts inside the card too

A close up showing details.

Then there was this card which was ordered by a person for his father. He said his father has been invited by All-India Radio a couple of times to sing and so the card should have musical notes. He also said that his father loves to read and so can I incorporate something which shows that into the card. He also wanted the quilled letters to say "Daddy".

This is the card I created for him.

 I included all that he wanted and  I even made a little book with real pages which you can open and turn!

See the detailing of the musical notes?  I made a guy holding a mike and singing. This is 3 dimensional and raised. (yeah i made this!) :)
 See how the pages of the book open? And see the detailed quilling that has gone on the cover of the book?

 Each page in the book has a handwritten quote on books! Quotes  like "When you open a book, you open a mind."

 This picture shows you the amount of detailing in the yellow quilled flower.

The person who ordered it, his reaction when he saw it (over whatsapp) was ':))))))))))))))))))))))))))))'

So you see, each card I make is a 'labour of total, complete and blissful love.' It is definitely not a 'business' for me! It is my passion.
So please do not demean it by treating it like a business! I will not accept your order, just because you offer me more money or more orders!!

I wrote this post because of the kind of messages I get on FB where people so casually  ask me 'how much?' :) To be honest even if you offer me a lakh of rupees I am not likely to be impressed.

I hope you get what I am saying.

 For me, the happiness that I am a part of  between the sender and receiver is my unmatched reward.

Plus of course your appreciation! ;-)
It matters.
A lot.

 1. If you want to place an order for my cards, mail me on ps(at)preetishenoy(dot)com. However, I am not accepting orders till mid-August as I am fully booked till then.
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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Thank Lord for tomorrow

And some days will be such days that nothing will go right. Everything will seem lousy. Even the good things. Even the obviously good things. But you will feel as though you have been flattened on the ground by a road roller. Maybe emotionally. Maybe physically.

Just be glad that the day is over and tomorrow is a fresh start.

Wipe off the slate today. It is over. Gone. It exists only in memories now. So leave it behind. Do not dwell on it. Focus your attention on those things that you can do something about.

You can make a change from this very moment if you so wish.
Right now.

It is as good a time as any.

So go have that glass of wine (or  do whatever you do to relax).
Listen to good music.
Take ten deep breaths.

Let go.

It's all going to be okay!

Good night.

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 And you can interact with me on my FB page. I always reply :)

Monday, July 02, 2012

Where do weekends vanish?

So the weekend flew.
How does time vanish? It feels like someone has turned it into liquid and poured it down the drain. It disappears that fast!

So I sat back and took stock of what I did and where it all went.  I realized that mine had been a pretty packed one. I think if your weekend is packed you should be allowed to take Monday off.
I swear I had intended to! But come Monday and I was drowned in work. I did not even look up upto  three thirty. (When my children come home from school--that is when I stop working)

Let me tell you what all I did over the weekend.

I watched a play on Friday at Alliance Francaise Bangalore. It was called 'Cheating cheaters' and was by Masquerade, a  Chennai based theater group.

One of my closest friends had called me and asked me to go and watch if I could. Her son was in the play.  Of course I made it. Front row seats too. He was brilliant! I was so proud of him.
I have carried him as a little baby (so many times) and watched him grow. My heart really filled with pride to watch him give a stellar performance as an adult. He later told me he was so happy I could make it and I told him how proud I was of him and my friendship with his mother.(It is a friendship of thirty years! I feel blessed to have her in my life)

On Saturday, I executed two card orders. But I cannot show them to you yet, as they haven't yet been given out to the intended recipients by the people who ordered them. But I can share with you, two other cards I made.
This one was for a eleven year old girl--my daughter's 'bestest friend'.
"Mama--make the BEST possible card ever," my daughter ordered.

How could I NOT oblige? For all I know this might be the foundations of a friendship which will last a lifetime for her. (Like my friendship of 30 years). 

Needless to say my daughter loved it. So did her friend. Nikita's mother said this one is going to be framed!

Here are a few more cards I  had made earlier.
A close up showing details

On Saturday as well as on Sunday I also shopped, which is usually an activity I hate doing.
But  this time it was fun as I had some very efficient personal shopping assistants who also double up as my fashion consultants. They tell me what looks good on me and what doesn't suit me at all or makes me look fat :) Yeah, they are very honest like that. Sometimes a bit too honest for my liking :)
But they are almost always right.And it helps that one is a male and other a female. I get a balanced opinion you see :)

And then, I also read two books.  (yes, TWO!) :)
I read a lot. At any given point in time, each room in my home will have a book I am currently reading. I cannot be without reading.

I read Lynne barret lee's 'Out on a limb' (it was only an okay read. I am a big fan of her writing though). I also read 'The Power' by Rhonda Bryne.

Currently I am reading  this one:

There is only word for it--BRILLIANT! (Both the illustrations as well as the writing).

What did you do over the weekend? Where did yours vanish?
Movies? Plays? Books?

Tell me! I want to know :)
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