Friday, August 17, 2012

5 not-so-hard ways to lose 2 kilos in a week


The other day a friend and I were talking.
"But how in the world do you maintain your weight? You must be dieting all the time," she said.
I told her I really wasn't and I do indulge in whatever I like to eat. (Puttu Kadala from Kerala remains my all time favorite food)

But the one thing I do is that the moment my weight crosses 53.5 or 54 kilos (I am 5' 4" tall. So it's very much on the lower side of 'ideal weight') I step up the exercise and cut down on calories. I have maintained this weight for past many many years. (I did work hard to burn off all the pregnancy weight after having my two children). Many people write to me asking what is my secret. I have written posts about weight-loss in the past. You can read them here and here. (and there are more links in those two posts as well)

Recently, (last 20 days) I managed to lose three kilos (had really indulged in yummy food when I went to Kerala on a vacation)  and since  so many are asking me what I do, I thought I would once again write a post on it.

Here are five not-so-hard ways to lose  2 kilos in a week or at the most ten days.

Disclaimer: Please check with your doctor before attempting this, as I am no expert and merely telling you what worked for me!

1. Zero Sugar: Take absolutely no sugar in your coffee/tea. It will feel very weird at first. But gradually you get used to the taste. Take no sweeteners too. Just plain coffee/tea with no sugar at all.

2.Take Green tea: If you feel a strong craving to drink something, make it green tea. (Just a cup of hot water and dunk the tea-bag in). You get plenty of flavors of green tea at any super market. Green tea is said to have a lot of anti-oxidants.

3. Walk 20 minutes on treadmill:  I have invested in a  really good state- of- the- art treadmill. It travelled with me all the way to UK when I moved countries and came back with me to India when I moved base again :). I use the 'weight-loss' setting on it. It alternates between walking very fast (6.5 km/h) for four minutes and then walking slow (4km/h) for four minutes. Essentially what happens is when you walk fast, your heart rate elevates. Your heart continues to pump blood at that same pace even when you walk slow. It's a super way to 'fool your body' and burn that fat. there is no excuse for not walking every single day. Even if your body protests and groans, push yourself and do it.

4.No to alcohol or fried food: This was super hard for me as I do really really love and enjoy my drink! I gave up totally on alcohol and any kind of fried food. (I do love potato chips and Murrukus and all the savories!). If you feel discouraged and unable to resist, tell yourself it is only for ten days. Say NO. Be determined.

5.  Drink a LOT of water.  Most of us do not take adequate water. We feel tired many a time, simply because we are not aware just how much water out body needs. Drink half a bottle of water (500 ml) as soon as you wake up. Keep drinking water through out the day. What I do is keep one 2 litre bottle filled just for me (with my name on it!) so I know how much I have consumed. I don't do this on a daily basis of course. Just when I am super focussed on losing weight.

6. Suryanamaskars--Do it! If you have never done Yoga before I recommend taking the help of a yoga instructor. I do about 15 and on some days 20, apart from other asanas. It is excellent for over-all toning of all the muscles in your body. Watch this video.

Another thing which I do to keep myself fit is using TRX, thanks to Ajay (a very  good friend) who gifted it to Satish and me.  He uses it regularly and has managed to lose some 15 odd kgs so far!(but then he is one of the most determined individuals I have ever come across).
The TRX is truly one of the best gifts we have ever got.

If you want even more inspiration to lose weight, just look at what my good friend Niall Young accomplished with just walking. He promised himself that he would gift himself a fabulous body before he turned fifty and oh how he succeeded! His success story is a MUST read. Click here to read it.

The key to any weight loss attempt is DETERMINATION and CONSISTENCY.
Just push yourself towards the goal even on the days you don't feel like doing anything.

You will be rewarded when you see a super fit body. (Reward yourself by buying some nice sexy outfits if you have accomplished your goal! :) That is what I do!)

Good lucks folks! Hope these tips help!

Any questions or any more tips(on motivation as well as on weight loss) that anyone wants to share, please do leave them in the comments section and I will be happy to update this post with an addendum of all the  tried and tested tips.

So go ahead and share!

ps: I guess the regular readers have noticed, I am trying to do a new post every day :)  This is an 'unofficial' blog marathon. (am afraid to commit to an official one as I have far too many engagements right now. But yes, I am trying hard to post every day. :) Nice? Makes you happy? Say, say!
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  1. Awesome!! I open the laptop after a strenuous morning, and there is your post!! That very much needed post for me!!:-) Thanks a ton, and I sure love to read your post everyday:-)!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. "(I did work hard to burn off all the pregnancy weight after having my two children)" - I'm actually looking forward to starting workouts in a few's one of the things I miss the most during pregnancy....

    Great tips - what I've been successful at is incorporating these things into my lifestyle, so its not a 10-day thing. Like I don't add sugar to my milk or coffee....I drink green tea everyday at work around 4pm, such a great way to relax.....drink lots of water....I too indulge in fried foods but I control my portion size.

    The pregnancy weight gain has created a havoc and it seems right now that I don't practice what I preach, but I'm determined to get back to my weight in upper 50's as soon as I can start working out and controlling my diet post nursing!

  3. I was actually thinking about it..just read a new post yesterday and there is a new one today :) :)..but I am certainly NOT complaining :) :) keep them coming :)

    Weight loss I believe is a by product of a healthy living, eat right, on time, exercise regularly & b4 u know it just happens to you :) :) ...people especially women are so obsessed with the whole idea of this 'size zero' that they go to any extent to get that..

    Not sure if you have read them but Rujuta Diwekar's two books, don't loose your mind loose ur weight & women and weight loss tamaasha..are like bibles & should be distributed to everyone...she asks u to actually eat in order to lose weight unlike others who recommend starving..

    once again a very inspiring post Preeti :) :)

  4. write a post with that title and people like me will surely read. Loved your pointers though I'm skeptical about the two-kgs-in-a-week bit. Will suerly try to incorporate the suryanamaskars. Thanks

  5. @obsessive mom: Follow ALL the tips diligently for ten days, cut down heavily on oil, walk 30 minutes plus 20 suryanamskars and I guarantee you 2 kgs loss. I have done it and thats why saying so emphatically. In fact ,if it was possible I would make you stay in my house for a week, give you a strict diet and exercise and ENSURE you lose!! Not kidding :) Diet HAS to be strict. (I gave up all carbs in the night too for my 'weight loss' period. Only salads and veggies). No sweets, no sugar, no refined carbs. You CAN! Try it!!

    Suku: Yes I have read both her books, But I still like Payal Gidwani Tiwari's book 'From XL to XS'. I agree it is better to be fit than size zero.

    Shachi: Patience!! Have a safe delivery !!

    Durga:Thanks for the encouragement! Feels good to hear :)

  6. *long comment.. apologies for the same *
    I was just wondering how come everyday I get to see a post :) its such a good start to read some fav blogs in office and then start official working :)

    Also I was thinking of dropping a comment on this subject in any of your posts. Thank god you wrote my doubt is I have never ever did something called exercise in my life because 6 feet tall and thin. I take this as advantage.But I know exercise is for being healthy irrespective of weight issues. But now, I have gained weight .No issues on weight part because I am still underweight for my height.

    The question is do we reduce the tummy ?? My waist line is increasing day by day..I easily blame on my work.. and no fixed sat , sunday week off..i sit for almost 10 hrs in front of comp and then i am tired to do any form of exercise after reaching home and I work in erratic shift which makes it impossible for me to fix a schedule.

    Please let me know on how to reduce tummy line. Also yoga I would love to do.. but as said, working in shift .. so I hardly find good classes near by ( not a good reason I kw.. even if i find one.. timings, shift timings etc makes it impossible stuff ) . Can i start random simple yoga ( using internet ) without an instructor ??

  7. Ramya: No apologies needed at all. I am happy about comments.I am afraid to start recommending Yoga without guidance if you have never done it before. What if you get into some muscle problem? or sprain your back or something due to wrong posture? Many people say that spot reduction is a myth. But I do believe that certain exercises can be done just for tummy. No need to fix a scheduled time--whenever you get home you can take out 15-20 mins no? Crunches and leg raises and 'cycling' work very well for the stomach. Do google on youtube--you will get many. Alternately mail me--I will send you links to the ones I do.

  8. hmmm... Okie.. Thanks.. you are right..the muscle problem I experience if i try some thing new and my lower back hurts. Will soon find some class yoga class that has flexible timings. Will google about crunches and will start immediately.

  9. Great tips Preeti..

    Hope you are happy and relaxed now writing the fourth book...

    Happy to see the frequent posts..You were away for a while and so felt desp..

  10. Wonderful & simple tips Preeti... Good Health is just so close and people need to realize it. Exercise is not a Himalayan task and there can be no excuses for not maintaining good health.

    One more tip I would like to add is to have food at correct intervals and correct timings. Eating a lunch at 4 p.m and a dinner at 11 p.m will definitely take a toll. Tried and Tested of course!!

  11. Hi...
    Thanks for reliving ur secret to us, you are unbelivably talented, i just love everything u do.

    I was 5 feet and my weight is 58kg i know its high, i need to loose weight. i do some excercise but not regularly, dont know yoga. i have an habit of drinking green tea.
    But whn i come to diet i was carving like anything. Eating raw vegs make me more hungry this is main reson for my carving.

    Can u help me with Diet menu. give some plans like what can i eat for breakfast,lunch and dinner, and also suggest me chennai based foods which will more helpfull for me, cos iam a chennaities.
    Reply me plsss...
    Thank u in advance.

  12. hmmmmmmmmm I like that and I think I will give it a try for sure .. I desperately need to cut on my weight , soon i will be a ballooon ..

    I dont have fried stuff at all, but i think my problem is a drink when i come home tired, hmmmm well lets see how it comes up


  13. What a coincidence Preeti just today morning I decided to start working out and tonight I get to read your post...very inspiring..thanks!

  14. Hi Preeti,

    Thanks for posting such an informative post and most importantly the surya namaskar video.I always used to wonder if the steps I follow are correct or not,(I don't do it regularly though :( ),but now thanks for posting a video with every posture well explained.
    and Yes, you have given answers to so many of my queries while answering Ramya's comment ..:)

    P.S It's a treat to see your blog being updated everyday :)


  15. Thank you for new posts everyday! Nice to come back to these after work:-) and yup Surya Namaskars are the best. Thanks for tips. U r awesome:-)

  16. Preethi, i read your post just the moment i logged in :) very informative and ëasy-to-do stuff.
    have a lovely week end :)

  17. Congrats Preethi Shenoy to have been successful in your pursuit!
    You have given such a wonderful description about your experience. It is very heplful for people like me who are on the way to reducing the excess baggage.
    Hats off gal :)

  18. really a nice post:)

  19. I came across this blog and I am so impressed by not only the content but just how positive and supportive most people are on the comment section. I was thinking, I do know which country this people are from, but based on the positive energy being emitted, I want to go to this country.

  20. Hi this is the first time I am coming across the blog , I need to lose 20 kg at least , but I think this will be a good restart for me . I lose weight on and off n am not consistent . I lose 2 kg n then put on , it repeats often n I get discouraged . Hope to draw inspiration from you.


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