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Radio Indigo Interview and a Flash fiction contest

A few days back, I was on air, on Radio Indigo Bangalore. It was a nice experience and it was the first time I was inside a Radio station. RJ Shweta is really as sweet as she sounds on the Radio. So is Suresh Sanyasi, their National Head. Radio Indigo plays some awesome music (and my children are all the time listening to Radio Indigo as they get to hear all their 'UK songs'). Embedded above is the audio clip  of the Interview with some interesting visuals and facts. (Thanks to my friend Mayank Mittal for his help and inputs with it. Yeah I do have some awesome friends, I know :-))

There is another contest happening on my facebook page. This time it is a flash fiction of 209 words. I have been getting a lot of requests from blog readers, asking why I am not hosting a contest on my blog.So here is your chance for all who asked!
This time it is a flash fiction using the following photo.
Check out this link in case you wish to know what flash fiction is.

Here’s is what you have to do:

1.Write a short story, not exceeding 209 words. Use all the three pictures in the panel in some way, in your story. (It is not necessary to use the words in the pictures. For example, the first is a picture of the book,you can just use the visual of the girl with the umbrella and ignore the words. Same for other two pictures). Look for the picture in the 'photos' section.
2. You can post the story on your blog, but be sure to link back to this post.

Why 209? The book has 209 pages :-)

The first chapter in the book is ‘A new world’ and the second Chapter is ‘Nothings gonna stop us now.’

The entries would be judged on creativity, how you have linked the pictures to the story and deft use of language.

No restriction on number of entries but do not exceed word limit.

The last date for submission is 30th March 2011.

The results will be announced on 3rd April 2011.

One lucky winner gets a signed copy of BOTH books, ‘Life is what you make it’ as well as '34 bubblegums and candies’.One more winner gets a signed copy of 'Life is what you make it'
And yes, do leave me a comment if you are taking part, so I know where to look for your entry.

(and Of course, you can leave me a comment even if you're not taking part :-) I do respond to all comments  as they do matter! :-) )


  1. :) So I do finally get to hear the interview! Nice!

    And even better to know that you shall be coming out with the third book in 4 months time.. Good luck ( esp with the doorbells)!

  2. Aathira:Thanks :) Four months is when I will complete writing.For it to be out would take slightly longer.

  3. Hey hey.....I got to hear your voice for the first time :)...interview was great. I am hoping to get your book by this weekend :P

  4. I loved the concept of the contest, really interesting... Can't play the interview in office :-( will listen to it at home :-)

  5. great preeti. good show and keep it up.. best wishes.

  6. It was a pleasure listening to you.. ur pictures give out an image of cute lil girl whereas u sound like a big girl with a strong voice.. would love to hear more.. maybe you should do an audio or video post sometime.. most of ur videos have been collection of pics usually...
    all the best Preeti.. you are wonderful.

  7. Suresh: Which suresh is this? Thank you!

    Prats:thank you :) I too thought that the concept was cool!

    Shachi:Thanks a lot!! :) WIs someone getting it for you from India?

  8. Mindspace: Heh heh..I aint a cute girl with a squeaky voice at all!!(finding that description amusing):))Thanks :)

  9. Great interview and nice to know about your future books!


  10. Good to listen to the interview - ur voice sounds as sweet as u r (how much 'buttering up' can u take??) :p ;).
    And that was a nice idea of including pictures and slides - added the xtra zing to the video. Good to know that 2 more books are in the pipeline...& cant wait to see the contest results rolling up! :)

  11. Thanks so much SK :) U can butter all you like --i dont melt easily :P :)

    Thanks so much Vinoo!

  12. Preeti,
    A really well done interview and a terrific voice !
    Wish you all the success with the book.

  13. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Awww... preeti diiiii :) sooo darn nice to hear your voice - i was full time smiling as I tried to link your voice with the words you have written so far... ;)

    man! am i excited or what at the offer - i really really do hope that i have time to write the story; it sure is a tempting offer! am waiting to read ur 2nd book actually - its not out in chennai i guess... i tried sometime the other day... :(

    i better find time to impress you :D or else i jolly well buy the book from flipkart ;) cant wait to read it :)))

  14. Hey Preeti, it was good to give a voice to the image we have of you...usually we end up doing the otherway and give a body to the voice because we first talk to the person and then later meet the person.. and always the person turns out to be totally unlike what we imagine.. but then i guess in this e-world things happen the other way round and that is also interesting.. but then having read so much about you and by you, it turned out to be as expected, a person who speaks seriously while smiling plesantly during speaking.. :) .. good listening to you..:)

  15. AWESOME....looking forward to ur gauidance

  16. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Here is my entry preeti di -

  17. Wow- Super Interview, may you have many more :)

  18. I have seen you(in pics), read about you, read what you wrote but never had heard you.Finally i get to hear you :)YaY :) Now i need to see you when you come to Chennai :) Lovely voice. The kind of voice that makes people listen .Nice :)
    Wishing you many more interviews and all the success for the book.Who knows somebody may come and ask u to make a movie out of it ! Let us know when that happens.I will be the first one to buy the ticket :)

  19. Mridula: :-) thank you so much for all the gushing praise :-))

    Horizon:Thanks a lot :)

    sbonlifensuch: Nice story you wrote! Will leave it to the judges. Good luck!Book is indeed out in Chennai--Odyssey has it. Crossword should soon be having it. In any case you can dial a book and pay cash on delivery.9650-457-457


  20. Meg: Thanks so much! This is same Meg from 'Demanding Joy', right?

    SP:Thanks a lot :-))Do we give a body to a voice? We usually associate a person and a voice together when we met them right?

  21. Yes mum n dad are coming over so they will get it :).

  22. Dear Preeti,
    Yaaayyy...Another contest..what fun.. i had so much fun on the first two that i am looking fwd to this third one too..its interesting and creatively challenging.. really liked it...
    Best Wishes always

  23. It was only when I read Shachi's comment that I realised that I have never heard your voice! Blog and Facebook makes you feel you know someone so well! It was great listening to the interview! Good luck!

  24. Yes Preeti we associate the person and voice but from my experience I have noticed that if we have never seen the person and then based on the voice, the assumption of the personality or looks of the person behind the voice is difficult and he turns out to look totally unlike what we imagined..take care,
    Sangeetha(also ur FB connection)

  25. Alright Preethi- COUNT ME IN- for the contest and catch me with the srory on
    I am gonna try it out.Thanks.
    Congrats on "feeling on the air":)

  26. Hey Preeti.. It was great to hear you, after having read so much about you.. Congrats on the success of your second book, I really loved it.. :)

  27. Hi Preeti.
    Here's my post for the FLASH FICTION Contest. Hope you like :)

    As a kid, Jiyah spent hours gazing at the sky watching flocks of birds, flying away. She used to make a quick run to her Mom to enquire, “why doesn’t God give us humans, wings like birds”! To which, her Mom said-“If we wish, we can create our own wings and fly to reach the sky. The sky of success.”

    After few years:

    Jiyah tried to open her eyes and felt dizzy. She was in a hospital and had a surgery post her freak accident. She lost one of her legs. She looked around and saw her Mom next to her.

    “ Maa, I can never touch the sky. I lost my wings”. Jiyah crippled with pain.

    “Baby, never lose your wings of faith. They will still help you fly. Nothing else matters.”

    Couple of months later:

    “Look who’s here, Jiyah. “ Jiyah’s dad opened the door.

    It was Anubhav, who decided to publish Jiyah’s written work. Jiyah was thrilled.

    They kept meeting for next couple of months and that was when they found their worlds in each other.

    Anubhav was someone who suffered from Amblyopia and had troubled vision.

    But, nothing could stop them.

    Now, Jiyah is a full time writer and a dreamer too!

  28. The Vivid Star: Thank you for taking part. kindly mail me the entry (with subject line 'entry for flash fiction') Alternately please post in on FB page of 'Life is what you make it'. An entry in comments might just get buried and hence the request, as all entries would then be in one place.

    Yasmeen:Thank you so very much :)

    Sushma: Please do give the link to the exact entry either on FB page or mail it to me.Thanks for taking part.

    SP:That's true :)

    Wannabe: :-) Nice to know you 'know me well' :) Are we connected on FB? What's your name?

    Rujuta:Thanks so much!

    Sblifeonsuch: A request--could you please email me the link or better still post in FB page please! (just to doubly ensure I do no overlook)

    Shachi: Nice :)


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