Friday, July 30, 2010

A much deserved vacation

Hi there,

After weeks and weeks of working way past midnight editing my 2nd book, I am finally taking a much deserved vacation. I am coming to India on a visit. YAY! I can't wait to get there!

Since my first book 34 Bubblegums and Candies went on to become National Bestseller, Crossword Pune wanted me to do a book discussion / book signing session. I have been getting a large number of mails from people, saying they want to meet me when I come to India. I really wish I could meet you all. I connect instantly with anyone who has liked my book, simply because the book was not really a book. They were bits and pieces of my life, not really intended for publication and they were totally from the heart. Each and every word in it is true. Besides, it was written to overcome the deep grief of losing my dad, and the book was dedicated to him. The book is very special to me, indeed. So naturally, the people who write to me, telling me it moved them and they loved it, almost always become my friends.

The exact date of the book signing event, is yet to be fixed but tentatively it is likely to be on 16 or 17th August at the Crossword on Senapati Bapat Marg in Pune. I will announce the exact date on this  facebook page.  (if you have 'Liked' it you will automatically get an update)

If you happen to be in Pune on those dates, do drop in. I'd love to say a hello :-)

I will also be visiting seven other cities including lovely Kerala and beautiful beautiful Amritsar.(Yeah, it seems like a Bharath Darshan..But ooh I do love my India) Almost, every place I am going to, I am staying with very good friends. I can't wait to meet them. I think half the fun is in anticipation and planning, really. :-)

I will have only limited Internet access and I will not be updating my blog or replying to mails till I get back on 21st.

See you when I get back, if I don't see you in India!

Life is really short. Stay Positive.

Love and laughter

PS: My 12 year old son clicked this picture of me a few days back. I love his shots of me. He always manages to capture a mood and each of his pictures tell a story. Click here to see more of his photos.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final Day, Seven days of positivity

The 7 days of positivity has become a deluge.The number of people writing to me now saying they are doing it and it is a marvellous idea and how much it has truly helped them, has become an explosion now. I will get around to replying to all who wrote to me soon.

When I started it, I was extremely down. Then as each day went my outlook was definitely becoming more cheerful and I stayed positive. Until today, the last day.

 I have had a horrible, terrible, truly miserable day. Something awful and unforeseeable happened. It is hard to 'be positive' in such a situation, but I am definitely not going to dwell on it and brood. In the words of Robert Frost.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life — It goes on"  

So I am going to go right on with the experiment and here are my five things that I feel happy about today.

1. I feel grateful for my friends  whom I truly love! I just made this collage and felt good about it.

2. When I visited Amritsar for the first time I fell in love with the place. We will soon be taking the children there. They can't wait! Today I chatted with Sukhdeep who gave me so much of inside information on where to eat the best Chole, get the best lassi, where to buy juttis, suits, where to go when and what to do. Felt delighted with the long long mails he sent. Thank you Sukhdeep!

3. Had a cup of tea with Satish, in the garden and we spent time talking. He had had an awful day as well. I felt happy I could be supportive in spite of having had a lousy day myself.

4.Something happened today which made me think that if only one single soul cares enough to just talk for a few minutes to people on the verge of taking their lives, then a disaster can be averted. Loneliness can indeed be fatal. I feel grateful that I am able to offer solace to so many with my words.

5. Today I got a text message full of love, care and tenderness from a good friend. His text truly made me feel on top of the world.

Writing out the five things really does help. I don't feel so down anymore.

Since today is the final day of this experiment on my blog, keep up the vibrant spirit  here.
and do share your links on the page. Do spend 5 minutes reading others too who have shared their links. You will be surprised how positive you feel for the small things in life, despite all the troubles.

Whatever it is you are going through, that shall pass too. Meanwhile, just keep focussing on those small positive things and take each day as it comes.

Life is too short to not be happy. Each moment spent in sadness is time lost forever.
 Take care and stay positive!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 6, Seven days of positivity.

If you haven't yet joined the Facebook group of Seven days to Positivity then please join NOW! :) It has got an amazing response.

To be very honest, I was totally down in the dumps when I started it on Day 1 and  did not really expect at all to feel this good about it. In fact, I told a good friend "All this nonsense I am trying because I am soooo low". The 'Nonsense' turned out to be a superb thing after all. I now wish I had done this experiment earlier!  I am truly astounded by the number of mails I have got about this. So many people have poured out their hearts (in the mails) and told me how much they needed something like this and how much it has actually helped them and how they are so surprised as well, that focussing on positives instead of a seemingly hopeless negative (about which you can do nothing anyway) has given them a new sense of direction. The problem you have suddenly does not get you down anymore. The new found positive attitude helps overcome it.

The facebook group has been started because many may not have their own blogs. Also after these seven days end, people might still want to do it. Many share their five things on the facebook page and many others read it and feel thankful too! It is true that joy shared multiplies (even if they are small joys) and sorrow divided halves.

My five things which I am truly grateful for today:

1. Sparkle: He is a hamster and we got him just a few weeks back. He has now (finally) got used to me and today he came into my hands quite easily. I felt marvellous about it!
He loves his exercise wheel and he goes round and round in it. It is wonderful to watch him go so fast!
When I see him in the exercise wheel I feel like singing this song :P

Need I say I am totally in love with this little fellow?
Today I discovered his weakness  for pumpkin seeds. :-) (Yay!)

Getting him to stop being frightened of me took a lot of work, night after night. (Hamsters are nocturnal and sleep during the day and are active the whole night)

2. My two lovely children!

3. My yoga. I have been doing yoga for the past 25 years at least I think. I used to always be a part of the Yoga demo panel simply because I could do all the asanas quite easily. I think everyone in IIT Chennai would have seen at least one demo where I am there, if they attended the Yoga lectures which used to happen quite frequently. (This was in 1987 :P ) I feel grateful that I still do my chakrasana quite easily.

 4. Small little things that I feel delighted about like buying a craft kit or buying some Art stuff. I feel happy about it.

5. My ability to forgive and quickly get over something even if someone has hurt me. I bear no malice. I might get angry at that time but whatever I feel is instantly expressed. If it is in my mind, it is usually said and no words are minced. I feel good about this even though it has cost me some friendships. Most people cannot take too much frankness yet i am grateful because I know that the ones who stay are the ones who truly know me.

Stay positive! Think happy thoughts!
May your week begin well.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 5, Seven days of positivity

Join the  7 days to positivity on Facebook as we can keep continuing the positivity there even after this experiment ends.

Here is what people have been saying about it
Sucheta Tiwari said
 This is a really great initiative. Much better than regular "self help" stuff (which is pretty run the mill, and frankly, da-uh, boring!), this is practical and actually works :)

Maddy said:  
Nice initiative Preeti. These postive feelings/thoughts.....even after months when somebody happen to see....they would read and relate atleast fewer things which they did not realize or record.... what positivity they spread for the day.

Today's 5 things I am grateful for:

1.My new pair of high-heels :) I totally dig high heels (have a few more pairs) and wear them every chance I get :P

2. This guy in my life :)

3.My ability to draw life like portraits

4.My ability to create stuff (I made this doll from a wooden peg)

5.  Always dogs and children gravitate to me :P I feel sooo good about this. This is just a stray that I am petting.

What a show off post this is :P
But fact is I do feel grateful for these things and where else can I show off but on my blog :P ?

Thank you for indulging me!
Have a great weekend folks

and let me tell you once again this positivity thing really works! :-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 4. Seven days of positivity!

Day 4 of the Positivity experiment.  and the results have been truly surprising.
It is such a simple (but difficult) thing yet, it works like magic. I am not the only one saying it. So many people have started doing this now and are all feeling great.

Here is my list of five things that made me feel good today.

 1. Ruchira of Nirjharini today wrote on my Facebook wall. She said

7 days of positivity concept is spreading like wildfire !  I have friends here on facebook or otherwise trying it out. Kudos to you for thinking it up !

2.  Her comment led to me think that a Facebook page to give it a permanent home would be nice. This is so that it can be a 'place of positivity'. Instead of just writing in my comment box, or on individual blogs, people can share their thoughts on this page. Positivity multiplies. So if you want to still keep the positivity going you can join this page. Here is the link:

I do feel happy about creating this group :-)

3. Addy to whom I had sent a handmade card  (as he happened to be thee 300th follower of my blog ) was delighted to get it. He totally loved it and this is what he said on my Facebook wall.

The great card sits proudly on my CPU (the desk is too messed up to keep there) and there have been compliments pouring from all make awesome cards! Thanks again! :)

I felt good about this.

4. A delightful bit of news is that my very good friend Niall Young  and I have planned a meeting. He is  very likely to come over and stay with me towards the end of August. Yay! I am really really looking forward to this as much as he is. I am a HUGE fan of Niall's work. He is absolutely brilliant. I have raved about him many times on my blog. I have four of Niall's art work in my bedroom. I am one of the very very few privileged people to whom he has gifted an original picture of his and i truly treasure it. (His pictures take more than 150 hours to make as he is a Hyper-pointillist. He uses millions of tiny dots to create the most amazing pictures which are almost like photos). Apart from being an outstanding artist he is a great friend too. I feel so grateful to have him in my life.


5. Two of my children's best friends have come for a sleepover. They are siblings.The older one is my son's age and the girl is my daughter's. So the two sets of siblings are having a terrific time right now and the house is filled with happy sounds of children's laughter as I type this. I can't help reflecting that love and friendship knows no geographical boundaries as their friends are English, from a completely different culture, look so different from my children,  yet they are so comfortable with each other. I am grateful for having two wonderful children and doubly grateful they have such good friends.

When I started this experiment, I wasn't really sure it would work.

I am amazed that the simple act of writing down 5 things you are grateful for can make such a big difference!

Try it and you will see why I am emphasising it over and over!  


Ps: will get around to replying to comments..Have been working like a dog and editing progress has been good on my second book.




Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 3 Seven days of positivity.

Day 3 of the positivity experiment  and I must say it is going great. Instead of it being just on my blog, it has become a movement now!
 So many people are doing it on their blogs and it has caught on so well! I am very happy with all the positivity that has started because of this experiment and yes it is indeed hard, like many of you (including myself) discovered. I have tried to visit all of you who left a comment saying you have done it on your blogs. I will reply to your comments in yesterday's post too, tomorrow when I take a break from working on my 2nd book which is in editing stages.

Bharti of Life begins  has even made two beautiful positivity badges and she sent it to me .Here is one of them.

My five things that I am very grateful for or happy about today:

1.One of my closest friends whose opinion I value a lot, said that this was indeed a wonderful thing I was doing and he said that it reminded him of the movie 'Pay it forward'   which happens to be a movie I really liked. (Watch it if you haven't already) I felt very good about it. 

2.A friend had this quote as his status message on FB

The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.

I wrote a comment which said "The world also makes way for a man who has eaten too much Garlic :P :D hahahahahaha " 

 I laughed for a full 2 minutes at my wickedness :P :D Then I happily narrated it to two other good friends on the phone and they laughed as well. I feel very grateful for my quick wit and my ability to make people laugh.


3.It rained today and I got completely drenched in the rain when I went to pick up my daughter. I absolutely loved it! It has been a long long time since I got completely wet in the rain. :-) Have you ever got drenched, completely soaked in the rain? Do you like it? (some people just hate it)  But I revel in it and it makes me feel so alive! I feel grateful for my ability to enjoy Nature.


4. An unexpected  ping from Prashant cheered me up  a great deal.(and he is always in invisible mode :-)) He pinged saying "you've got mail" :) Incidentally, he has written a story which made it into the 'finalists club of 250 word fiction'  chosen by Jason Evans(which is truly a big deal as the competition is worldwide) His story completely blew me away. I absolutely loved it. If you want to read it click here. I really like the way he writes his mails too and we mail each other regularly. I feel grateful for having talented and smart friends :) Click here to see a portrait of him that I had made.


5.I feel grateful for all the people who sent 'wishes' and 'smiles' and 'cheers' my way. So many mailed and pinged to ask how I am doing and whether I am still feeling down or to simply say 'Hang in there'. I feel 'wow' about it. So many people actually care! I appreciate and am grateful.


Focussing on five small things is indeed working very well. It is difficult but it can be done.

Want to join in?  You are most welcome but do link back to this post  if you are doing it in your blogs, or else do it in my comment box.

Dive in! Don't be an onlooker!

This is really working! :-) I feel happy and blessed.





Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 2. Seven days of positivity.

For those of you who are reading me for the first time, this is a part of a seven day positivity experiment which I started yesterday. I started this as I am going through a bad not so good phase in my life and this is a seven day experiment to see, if by focussing on five things that made one happy, can one indeed change change how one feels? It worked for me yesterday, like a charm. It seemed to have worked for many too, judging from the responses I got.

Today my day was a not-so-great   lousy day (in terms of progress with the editing of my second book) . But I am going to still focus on five things that made me feel happy.

1.Today was a learning day. I had always heard the clichéd saying "When God closes one door, he opens another." But we're always staring at that closed door  and feeling miserable about why it is closed that we fail to see another that has opened for us. Today I actually experienced this saying. The morning began on a terrible note when someone whom I was kind of counting on, depend a lot on and expecting to come through for me, clearly told me that it was not possible as he had other priorities which were more important. I felt so disappointed and bad about it that I even wrote a mail to Satish and discussed it with him. He, of course, comforted me and I focussed on his love. Later, someone else whom I least expected, came through marvellously and I am truly grateful for this person in my life and I should have noticed sooner! I am grateful for having noticed the door that has opened for me today.

2. A new friend came over for tea. We had a great time! We sat in my garden with the cool breeze blowing, sipping tea, munching snacks and talking about a hundred different things, laughing, discussing men, relationships and growing old.She hugged me when she left and I felt so good about her visit. She had never seen or even eaten Dosas (she has lived all her life in the UK) and she absolutely adored them and relished them. Later I sent her a wiki link which tells her all about Dosas. :-) I feel grateful for her in my life.

3.My nine year old daughter was very upset having lost her ear-ring. It was an inexpensive one and can easily be replaced. I gave her my 'special' silver ear-rings which she is now wearing and I was able to comfort her. I am grateful for the tiny little powers that we mothers have.

4.I was able to overcome my anger and disappointment over something that did not go my way and was able to control my lashing out which would have totally worsened the situation. I am grateful for that.

5. I am truly grateful that I am not stuck in a boring corporate job. I am also immensely grateful for my creativity and truly orignal way of looking at things and also grateful for my 'out of the box' thinking skills.
Like Ogden Nash once famously said in a poem "I am so glad I am not they and they are not me" ;-)

Did writing out the above five things make me feel good?

You bet! They made me feel totally  marvellous!  This is better than therapy! :-)

Don't believe me? Try it yourself! No matter what is going on in your life, write out five things you are grateful for. (If you are writing on your blog, link back to yesterday's post please) If you dont have a blog use my comment box.

Go on!
I feel great! I do! :-)

Current mood video: You've got a friend --James Taylor
The above video is dedicated to my two wonderful  friends Mayank and Shabina

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An experiment-7 days of positivity (day 1)

Naren who is a  motivational speaker at Alma Mater sent me a beautiful mail yesterday. It had a very powerful message about what to choose to focus on. It is nothing new--we all know it. But the way Naren illustrated it with personal examples and anecdotes made all the difference.

It set me thinking about the 'Gratitude Journal' which again many of you must have heard of. It also made me think about 'Laws of Attraction' and positivity both of which have been discussed so much especially after Rhonda Byrne's 'Secret' became a huge success.

People tell me that I am an extremely positive person and they feel happy to be around me. I too have my down (sometimes very down) moments, trust me! It is just that I am a fighter and I bounce back quick and refuse to give up without a good fight.(and I am going through a very tough time right now)

Focussing on the positives does help not only in emotional happiness but also helps in living richer lives. The thing is, it is easier said than done. When things are going wrong, or when something does not quite go the way you want it to, is it really possible to focus on 'positives'?

The answer is 'Yes'. It can be done but sometimes we just need to force ourselves a bit. The good thing is positivity multiplies.When you feel happy from the inside, you make those around you happy. It is a snowball effect. And the simple act of writing down or declaring what you feel grateful for, does help. (Because it forces you to think "hey yes--that is a good thing indeed")

So here is an experiment:
For the next seven days I am going to do a post every single day, focussing on 5 things which made me happy or made me feel grateful. I would like you to join me in this experiment.

I would like you to write 5 things which made you feel good or happy.

On days where there is nothing to feel good about, one can just be grateful for a cup of tea. The point here I am trying to make is 'Life need not be perfect for it to become great' and by changing our focus we can indeed change how we feel.

Here are my five things which made me feel grateful today:

1. This mail which I got from a good friend  really made me feel great. It led to my ribbing him about what a big liar he is and he retorted back saying that I never think about him and only he does. (which I totally deny. See Mayank--I even admitted it on my blog!) :-) Finally it led to a nice phone call  too :)

2.  A bit of the  mental work of my second book got done as a very close friend and I skyped and discussed it and took it apart, bit by bit. It gave me a rejuvenated enthusiasm to work on it. (It is in editing stages and  it is a very painful process)

3. Got a lovely long mail from Reflections. where she said some things which made a lot of sense. I felt grateful to have got it.

4 .I was able to witness my daughter's Sports day. It meant a lot to her and even though it meant my heavily cutting into my work time, I was glad to be there for both sessions. (They had two sessions morning and afternoon which effectively meant one whole working day) The joy on her face was worth it.

5. I bought myself a set a charcoal pencils. It is the first time I will be trying to use charcoal pencils instead of sticks. (I had a hard time trying to sharpen them--but hey-I am supposed to focus on positives here!)

This was harder than I thought! I had to really think to pick out five things.

Are you in this with me? If so leave your comments here. (or if you are doing it on your blog link back to this post)

It is tough, but trust me it will be worth it. I am feeling great already!
Current Mood Video:  Que sera sera

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Accept what you cannot change

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.
This serenity prayer by Rienhold NeiBuhr  is well known. To use a well known Hindi  idiom, it is  truly a personification of  'गागर में  सागर'

(My non Hindi speaking readers please excuse me, I fail to find an English equivalent)

'Things I have accepted'

1. Friendshps break. Even the deepest ones that you thought would last a life time.

2. Even your best laid plans can fail. Things will not go the way you planned it just because you were meticulous in planning them and left no detail to chance.

3. People do not reply back to your mails or  do not answer your calls or texts because they no longer want you in their lives and not because they did not get your mails or did not get your texts.

4.Just because you have the ability to put a fight behind you and carry no grudges it is not the same for everybody. Some people just do not forgive or forget.

5.Something that is extremely important and of value to you  sometimes means absolutely nothing to others. They do not understand  why it matters so much to you.

6.People can stop talking to you for absolutely no reason at all. None from your perspective anyway.

7.Death of a loved one can hurt even after 20 years. Intensity of pain can still be the same even though you think you have buried it deep inside.

8. Not everyone can accept gifts graciously even though the gift is thoughtful and very considerate and has been chosen with a lot of love and care.

9. It is a  'me-me-me' world.  For the other person a minor head-ache that they have will be more important than the death of your nearest ones.

10. I am only human and I too have limited time .I have accepted that  I have to say a no. I truly cannot cater to the  large number of requests I get,  to read fiction, blogs and other things. I also get a large number of requests to write for various 'causes' without any offer of remuneration.  Same for portrait making requests. ( I now do it professionally and yes, you can mail me for rates if you really want me to make a portrait for you. I have explained how I feel about my art here.)

I have been working like a dog,  non-stop over the last five days, getting my 2nd book into its final shape.(It took me about an year to complete writing it)  It would take a few months still to reach book stores. (Wish I had a magic wand to speed up things, but this is the way it works. I have accepted that too)

Somehow this 'intense working' made me think about things that I have to accept and in resulted in this post. Could you connect with the  ten things I mention here too, or is it just me?
PS: To know exact dates of my 2nd  book launch please 'like' my Facebook page as all updates will appear there

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want to give you--a love poem


A love poem
Is what I feel like writing you tonight
But my words they have sprouted wings
And flown away
I am left watching.

A crushing hug
Is what I want  to surround you with tonight
But my arms, they have frozen
And lie limp by my side
I am left seeking.

A lingering kiss
Is what I want to give you tonight
But my lips, they will not stop smiling
As your name whirls around
I am left  longing in silence.

So I weave a blanket
Of your thoughts
Pull them over my head
Secure in your warmth, your love
As I put my aching lips, arms and words to rest
And gift you a love poem.

© 2010 Preeti Shenoy

For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

A picture of procrastination :-)

There seems to be some pre-programmed defect in my internal system as my level of  procrastination seems to be  directly proportional to the quantity of work pending :P The manuscript of my 2nd book needs to be pruned, I have half finished a HUGE portrait  of a good friend, that I am working on. (It is one and a half feet by one feet). The dishwasher is loaded but not switched on, the lunch is half made, the rooms are half cleaned, and my yoga for the day is not even half done. :P  I have a shopping list to make, I need to organise the kitchen, but of course, checking what Hindi songs  are playing on the few Indian channels I have subscribed to, suddenly becomes very important. It is urgent, in fact. It just cannot wait! The fact that I switch on the TV channel to find Shammi Kapoor singing "Zara  Tehro.. jeena bhi mushkil, marna bhi mushkil " isn't helping :P

I blink and 3 hours have gone.Poof! Vanished, just like that!  And to my surprise I find that the dishwasher hasn't switched itself on by magic, nor have the rooms got cleaned, nor has the shopping list made. And that portait--it is still looking at me and taunting me. Hmmmph...You'd think after giving them such a head start they'd take care of themselves, but no! They decide to wait for me. I think they are bigger procrastinators than I am :P

At this rate, like I told Suma, a few days ago, I will be hurtling full speed towards my grave, waving out a 'To-do' list in my hand, shouting to my family " Remember to switch on dish washer, remember to take the clothes in, it's going to rain, remember, remember .........."

All the above did not stop me from making this portrait though :P After all a woman's gotta do, what a woman's gotta do :-) ...Put up her feet once in a way, while away time and show off her artistic talent  on her blog :P

Go on, tell me--creating portraits isn't really a waste of time now, is it? ;-)

As for all those half finished things, I'll do them--just let me finish one more song :P :D

PS: To all those who request me to make their portraits (and I get so many many  requests), a clarification:  I really do not do requests. It is really a LOT of work, you know. (sometimes more than 4 hours for a A4 size picture)  However, if you badly want me to draw your portrait,  or you want  a portrait of someone  to gift to a friend or a loved one, you can commission me and I am not that unaffordable. I work from photos. You can email the pic to me.

Mail me on for rates and other personalised requirements and details.. Yes, I can ship it to any part of the world :-) And despite all the above(which was totally in a lighter vein anyway-- see post label) , I am a stickler for deadlines :-)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

34 Bubblegums and Candies--a National best-seller

A little child practises hard for a running race. It means a lot to the child. It's the first time that the child is taking part in such a race, you see. He is not even sure that he will be able to complete it. But he is certainly going to try.
He wakes up each morning, earlier than usual, when all he wants to do is snuggle in the blanket and sleep some more. But the race goads him out of bed. Weary eyed, he wakes ups and runs. Each day, each morning, come rain, come sun, the child is out running.

Finally it is the day of the race. The child surprises everyone including himself. "We never thought you could do it," they say. The child scans the crowd of parents gathered there, but his dad, his hero, the one person in whose eyes he wanted to shine, isn't there.

"Ma," he says to his mother, "Why couldn't dad have been here?"
"If he could he surely would have, my child. Believe me,he is proud of you," replies the mother.
The little boy feels a bit cheated and he  bursts into tears.
Somehow the victory would have been sweeter had his dad shared it.

I am that little boy.
And I cried this morning.

All copies of 34 Bubblegums and Candies, sold from now on will have the National best-seller tag.

Despite everything --it does feel great.

Thank you all for your marvellous support and infinite amount of love and good wishes you shower me with. This book was totally from the heart. It was born from pain. It also involved many sleepless nights and a lot of hard work.

I get hundreds of fan mails from people who have read it. Yet, the novelty never wears off. I value each mail that I get, I remember each person who writes to me, because my book and my words have touched your lives. I am humbled and honoured.

And yes--I think I am definitely luckier than the little boy.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Silver lining in the cloud

Today was a warm, wonderful, sunny day. But suddenly, out of nowhere, the clouds came. I stood and stared in surprise and wonder. I gazed at the beauty of the scene which was unfolding in front of me. It was as though the sun  and the clouds were enacting an opera, just for me. It was as though someone has come striding on a chariot, opened a bag and let loose a volley of clouds which had grown and grown and surrounded the sun. The light was still shining through and the proverbial silver lining in the cloud came to life. I had to click a picture.

 It made me think how much like life this was.

No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter what you do, every once in a way, things will go wrong. That best friend you thought you could count on, no matter what, will fail to come through. That promotion you were hoping for  and which you know you deserve will go to the nerd who is very good at sucking up. Health will fail when there was no reason for it to. People will completely misunderstand what you said, twist it and cut you off from their life. Even if you have worked very hard at something and given it all you have got, you will still not get anticipated results. That guy you thought you clicked with and who you thought might be 'The one' will turn out to be just another one after all. Same for the woman who you thought was 'special' and who you were hoping to make a life with. Sometimes, she might walk off with another guy. Sometimes  all these happen all together. But sometimes, they space out. But you can be sure, each one of us, has our share of disappointments, failures and our share of 'what could have been'.

Then I thought about a  good friend. He had this as his status message on facebook

There comes a point in life when you realise who matters , who never did , who wont anymore ,and who always will . So don't worry about people from the past , there is a reason why they didn't make it to your future .

 It struck me as very true!
After I have become a published author, life has changed for me in many ways. I am still the same person, but the way people look at me and perceive me has completely changed. Sadly I have lost some people whom I considered very good friends. But on the positive side, I know know who my real friends are and I feel so good that I have them.

Things change. Sometimes they change suddenly but sometimes it happens slowly. No matter how good or how bad the situation is right now, it will change.

We all have our clouds. But what we should remember is sunshine is there right behind it.

We just cannot see it yet.